Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Game Boards in the Classroom

My students have NEVER used a math book in my math class. Mainly because when I think back to the classes that I would "check" out of mentally, it was always the type of class in which the teacher handed me a book and expected me to work on problems, independently until the bell rang. This in turn made me hate going to math class . I do not want my students to dread coming to my classroom to learn math. One way I engage my students is through the use of game boards during centers or as an assessment review game. They absolutely LOVE it! Plus, it gets them talking with their partner about math vocabulary and how to solve questions if they are unsure.
To make the game board:
1. Print the two pages for the game board.
2. Glue or tape the two pieces together and laminate for sturdiness. {some teachers have glued each piece to each side of a file folder and then laminated and really like it}
3. Laminate and cut the game cards and place them in a small baggie. 
4. Inside each bag place 2-3 game pieces and 1 die. 
5. I place the answer and directions sheet in a gallon size bag, along with the prepared game board and game cards. 
6. Let the learning fun begin!

Here are a few different games that I have created and sell in my TPT store. I promise your kids will love playing these games. Some of my students have even said they forget they are in math class when they are playing these game.




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