Monday, January 14, 2013

6.EE.7 Solving Equations Task Cards

As we continue through our expressions and equations unit, I have developed a set of task cards for practicing solving for variables. This set of 24 task cards are aligned to common core 6.EE.7.  
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  1. First, I love your blog title and look! How cute!! I just found you on pinterest. :)

    I also teach 6th grade math. (I actually teach 5th - 8th grade math.) What math curriculum are you teaching from? I really like the products you have made. I tend to move slowly and haven't gotten to this material yet, but I am curious as to what curriculum/text book your school uses.

  2. My school does not have a text book. I use for short video resources. They fully aligned with common core standards. I am the 21st century teacher at my school, so I teach 1 to 1 with computers. I also create or purchase many of my own resources for my students to practice. I do have old books, but they are not common core aligned, and I really can't use them. You are definitely challenged teaching 5th-8th grade math. I CAN'T even imagine!

  3. That's awesome that you are a 21st century teacher at your school. How many teachers do that in your school? At our school we just try to use blended learning throughout the school. I love your title and look. I had to add your button on my page because it was too cute! :)
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